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Summer News

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Upcoming Events
We know that everyone out there is practicing to get ready for next season, but you shouldn’t forget that there are two great summer tournaments on the calendar! First up is the 25th Annual Summerfest tournament at Glass Court the last weekend of July. We have been competing this event without referees (but with significant tanning time at the Glass Court pool) for 25 years now! There will be some nostalgia-based competition, including a Classic Racquet competition where your racquet must conform to the rules from 25 years ago (among other things, all racquets were an inch shorter than today). We’ll have extra racquets at the event in case you want to enter and don’t have the right equipment. AND – special bonus points in this event if your racquetball attire is also 25 years old! The following weekend, the Three Wall Brawl will take place at the Rainbow Beach Courts in Chicago. Joey Logan always draws a fun crowd for this event with a lot of out-of-town players, and he is planning for it to extend to two or three days this year. Plan to show off the tan you got between matches at the Glass Court when you take to the longwall three wall courts at Rainbow!

2018 ISRA Board Election
The ISRA Board held its Annual Meeting on June 12, 2018. As with all ISRA Board meetings,
this meeting was open to the membership. The Annual Meeting is particularly important since all
members attending have a vote in the election of the ISRA Board of Directors.

Board positions are staggered two-year terms. There were a number of open seats on the
Board for this year’s election.

The Board slate consisted of the following individuals:

  • Current Board members Todd Burris, Jonelle Dubois, Doug Halverson, Cheryl Kirk, John
    O’Donnell, Jr., Geoff Peters, Bill Roberts, and Joe Silius.
  • New Board nominees Arun Baskaran, Alcides Gutierrez, Barbara Vagedes, and Carolyn

There were no additional director nominations received from the membership, and the Board
slate was accepted automatically. All terms commenced on 7/1/18. Adjustments were made in
the terms of some Board members to ensure balanced election slates in future years.

In a closed session of the Board, Geoff Peters was reappointed to the office of ISRA Vice
President, Barbara Vagedes was elected as Secretary, and Dolores Lamberson was selected

New members of the Auxiliary Board this year are Dan Jaskier and Eric Jensen.

Any ISRA member who wishes to help improve the quality of racquetball in Illinois and
familiarize themselves with Board processes is welcome to join the Auxiliary Board.

Contact Laurel Davis (laurelmdavis1@gmail.com) or any ISRA Board member. Come out and
support Illinois Racquetball!

Men’s Travel League Format Update
(See last season’s results in the current issue of ISRA Courtside.)

Dan Jaskier reports: Finally some warm weather! Unfortunately, the nice weather will be gone before you know it. Starting in October, the ISRA Men’s Travel Team will be undergoing format changes. Both of the current leagues are going to be modified from A and B/C leagues to Open/A and A/B leagues. Rosters will be able to hold a maximum of 15 players. The Wednesday night Men’s Open/A will have a maximum of three Open level players on their roster, and the Thursday night Men’s A/B league will have a maximum three A level players on their roster. There will also be a cap on the amount of Open and A players who can play each week. On Wednesday evenings, only two Open level players on your team are eligible to play each week and on Thursday evenings only two A level players are eligible. This will open up the possibility of more players in the league and keep the league on an even playing field. Leagues will still have three singles matches and one doubles match. Scoring will remain the same. In order for players to be eligible for playoffs, they must play three times in the league (same as last year). Each team will receive an ISRA player eligibility list. This will keep all teams fair and eliminate any sandbagging. We are trying to get other clubs to participate. Hopefully these changes will help travel team survive and thrive! It should be a fun season. Hope to see you on the courts!

Chicago White Sox / Racquetball night
Join us at Guaranteed Rate Field for ISRA Racquetball Night on August 8th at 7:10 pm as the Chicago White Sox take on the Bronx Bombers – the New York Yankees. We have two different price points to choose from – $22.40 for the outfield and $35.84 for the lower box seats. Former Junior Team Illinois player and White Sox Executive Trevor Snyders has set up a web link so that you can just click and buy.

We already have commitments from a number of folks, led by Doug and Michelle Halverson, who are planning to attend and lead the cheering! Please plan to wear both your White Sox gear as well as something with the ISRA/Racquetball on it so that you will be easy to spot when Doug wants to buy you a beer!

All you have to do is click on the link below to buy your tickets, and don’t forget to livestream and post pictures from the game on the ISRA Facebook page when you attend!

Click here to buy tickets: https://fevo.me/2NbBPeO

See you at the game, see you on the courts!

— Your ISRA Board of Directors