Welcome to the Illinois State Racquetball Association

ByLaws Update; Election Results; Upcoming Tournaments


Section 7 of the ISRA By-laws addresses amendments to the bylaws. The relevant information appears below. Please go to the by-laws document posted on this web site for additional verbiage in Section 7.

Section VII.1 The Board of Directors shall have the right and privilege to amend these Bylaws with the following restrictions:

•A 2/3 majority of the Board shall be required to make any change.
•Any proposed Bylaws change must be sent in writing to all members of the Board and offer each Director the right to vote on acceptance of Bylaw amendment proposals if unable to attend a Board meeting.
•Upon passage of any revision to these Bylaws, notification of said change shall appear in print for the racquetball community to see, either in the form of a website message, newsletter or email communication.

With the Board of Directors meeting all of the above restrictions, at its Annual Meeting on June 7, 2016, the following revisions were voted and approved:

Create Section III.4 – ELIGIBILITY TO SERVE The Directors of the Illinois State Racquetball Association shall be members in good standing of USA Racquetball, at least 18 years of age, and a resident of the State of Illinois. Residency shall be determined per the following: a valid Illinois driver’s license and USA Racquetball membership profile reflecting an Illinois mailing address. Directors must not have a felony conviction or pled guilty to a felony and must possess past and present demonstration of good character. Directors must be willing to sign a release for a background check.

Re-label Section III.4 as III.5.


At its Annual Meeting on June 7, 2016, annual elections were held with the following results:

Board of Directors:

  • Bill Roberts was approved for a one-year term to fill a vacated seat that expires in June 2017.
  • John Puccio was approved to be placed on the Board slate for this year’s election.
  • The Board slate was accepted automatically in view of no opposing nominations having been received. Therefore, these individuals were re-elected for two-year terms to commence July 1, 2016: Todd Burris, Jonelle Dubois, Doug Halverson, Michelle Halverson, Cheryl Kirk, Geoff Peters, John O’Donnell, Jr., and Joe Silius. Elected to his first two-year term was John Puccio.


  • Geoff Peters was elected to the position of Executive Vice President.
  • Michelle Halverson was re-elected to the position of Treasurer.
  • Bill Roberts was elected to the position of North Zone Vice President.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for their continued service to the ISRA Board of Directors and its members!

Miscellaneous Racquetball Rollouts
We’re looking ahead to the summer and the Annual Summerfest Tournament at Glass Court – mark your calendar for the last weekend of July 29-31st for the racquetball, barbeque, sand volleyball tournament and pool party in Lombard!

Other tournaments include the NMRA International Championships (45+) in Portland, Oregon July 6 – 9; and the Windy City WOR 3-Wall Brawl at Rainbow Beach in Chicago on August 6-7

Check out our Tournament Calendar for links to R2Sports to sign up. Hope to see you there!